Passive Income with Fully Automated Trading
Successful trading of Forex- und CFD instruments
with Metatrader 4 

Why this trading software?

For several years now the return of "save" investment forms is falling which to some extent can be traced back to the policy of low interest rate of the European Central Bank. If you subtract the effect of inflation from your investments you will in many cases come out with a negative return. 

In view of this new and special situation it's about time to get active and take financial matters in your own hand. And this is where my trading software can help you. You will be surprised how easy it is to achieve an attrative return on your investments month after month. Please feel free and check my verified performances!

In addition to the profitability, the software is easy to use and not time-consuming. Of course, you need to invest a little time when you start in order to get to know the functions and understand the impact of parameter changes. But once the software is installed and your computer and VPS with your preferred settings, the only thing you need to do from time to time is to check if everything runs without fault. 

Also, since the softare is a fully automated trading system there's no more need to spend hours and hours in front of your charts looking for profitable trading possibilities. That's all done by the software, so you can sleep well at night while the software cashes in the profits. 

Use my highly profitable software (expert advisor) now and trade currencies, commodities, stocks and indices fully automated on the Metatrader 4 plattform.

The successful expert advisor Made in Germany developed by ForexInnovation GmbH according to my personal specifications.

According to the slogan „The Trend is your friend“ the trend following software trades according to the trend signals of the integrated GG-Trendbar indicator which are calculated based on the basis of ADX (strenth of a trend) and PSAR (trend begin and end). The trend signals are displayed on the chart as colored trend signals simultaneously for all time frames.

For your security the logic of trade operations was supplemented by a so-called „Loss Recovery“ mechanism which is a hedged martingale system turning potential loosing trades into winners (for details see „Working principle“).

So you trade with the prevailing trend and you are protected against a shrining account balance!

The highly profitable trading software is mainly intended for experienced private traders, but newcomers as well will quickly get along with the software due to its intuitive handling.
However, for any question about the software or trading in general I will be your personal partner you can contact any time. 

I offer the trading software in the context of a private project next to my main job. As I have invested quite a lot of work, passion and also some money, I'm gladly looking forward to a lot of interest and demand.

I'm aware that selling financial products is quite a "ticklish" issue that requires a lot of faith. Therefore, I clearly distance myself from dubious offers where black sheep feint investors with highly professional web pages promising exorbitant profits.

I want you to know that I'm absolutely honest and reliable.

This means:

  • I have no access to your trading account and I will never ask you for. Only you have full control.
  • Only you can make transactions to and from your account.
  • The only thing I will ask you for is the account number of your trading account which I need to know in order to unlock the trading softare for this account.

Use my MultiTrendTrader Expert Advisor and turn your trading into a profitable endeavour!

I'm glad to get to know you and assist you in taking your trading to the next level!

Any questions about the MultiTrendTrader EA?

I'll gladly help you any time!

Made in Germany

The expert advisor was programmed professionally according to my individual specification by ForexInnovation GmbH in Hamburg. Prior to trading on a real money account, the expert advisor was tested intensely on a demo account.

Performance verification

The expert advisor is used on a demo and real money account with the recommended settings. The real performance in pip is published on my web page and verified by

Rent instead of purchase

Avoid high costs of purchase for the expert advisor but instead rent the software for a little monthly fee only for the period effectively used. 

Free test phase

Before you decide to rent the expert advisor, you can test the software for a whole month without any charge.

Flexible term of lease

There's no automatic prolongation of the term of lease. If the term of lease is expired, then the expert advisor stops trading. If you decide for a longer term of lease, you can benefit from noticeable price deducations. 

Personal assistance

I will assist you personally for questions about the trading software as well as trading in general.