About me

My name is Hubert Klein and I'm (almost) 47 years old. I live in Rastatt (near Baden-Baden in the blackforest region) and work as a technical writer for a test laboratory active in the automotive industry.

After I graduated from the University of Kassel with a teaching certification for English and Geography I tried to pass the 2 year Student Teaching but skipped shortly before the final exam knowing I wouldn't pass. I then decided to do a traineeship for technical documentation which I passed after two years in Cologne.

In 2004 I moved to Karlsruhe for my first job as technical writer with a software company and have been working as a technical writer since then. Last summer I moved to Rastatt to be closer to my company.

My interst for finances developped shortly after I graduated from university and earned my first money. That was the time when I founded a stock exchange society with friends. However, step by step I felt more attracted by the Forex market for there was simply much more action allowing life trading.  Over the years I tried countless trading strategies, indicators, expert advisors and social trading etc.

But none of the offered product or services could convince me. So finally I decided to have my own trading software programmed that woult trade according to my trading idea. MultiTrendTrader is the result - an expert advisor that trades exactly the way I wanted it to trade - and with great succcess.

What's the purpose of my site?

I offer my expert advisor for rent within the scope of a private project next to my main job. In doing so, I will gladly unlock the trading software for as many users as possible, but please note that it's not my predominant intention to sell at any cost. I pay a lot of attention to the understanding of the software, how it works and how you can use it to produce the best results for you. Therefore, I invest quite a lot of time to document any single trade so you can compare your results with the results produced by my demo account. 

However, since the trading software is extremely profitable with my settings and easy to understand as well, you can save time and money for your search of a suitable system and instead start making money with my trading software straightaway.

I will do my very best to help and support you!

Yours sincerely,
Hubert Klein